Speed Queen Built to Last 25 Years with Commercial-Grade Components
Speed Queen Built to Last 25 Years with Commercial-Grade Components
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Glossary of Appliance Terms

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6th Sense™ Technology
Whirlpool's exclusive package of intuitive technologies that sense and seamlessly manage your appliances to optimize efficiency and performance.

ADA Compliant
Appliances that meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

CEE Tier III Qualified
A Tier III rating signifies that a product has achieved the highest standards of energy efficiency according to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE). The CEE is the recognized authority for establishing energy efficiency standards.

Control Lock
A safety feature that disables buttons on the control panel of an appliance. With Control Lock, you can prevent children from accidently starting or stopping an appliance.

Energy Star® Qualified
Appliances that meet or exceed government standards for energy efficiency.

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AccuBake™ Temperature Management System
AccuBake is based on Whirlpool's 6th Sense™ technology, which features a built-in sensor in your oven that monitors temperature to deliver consistent baking, even on multiple racks.

An AccuSimmer cooktop burner generates a gradual low heat that is ideal for melting chocolate or slow cooking sauces. The AccuSimmer cycle is capable of quickly bringing liquids to a boil then automatically reducing the heat to a gentle simmer.

AccuWave® Power System
Microwaves with AccuWave evenly cook, defrost, reheat, soften and melt with constant, gentle heat. Chicken can be thawed without partially cooking the edges and sauces reheated without splattering.

AquaLift® Self-Clean Technology
Cleans your oven in less than an hour without odor and at low temperature. The exclusive AquaLift® coating on the interior activates with water and heat. The resulting moisture detaches grease and grime from underneath so food and debris are easily wiped away.

Bridge Element
A 700-watt electrical bridge that connects the heating elements of two burners on your cooktop. The bridge allows you to evenly heat oversize or oblong pans.

CleanRelease® Non-Stick Interior
CleanRelease dramatically reduces cleaning requirements inside your oven because of the unique non-stick surface -- an industry first. No special cleaning solutions are required.

Control Bake
This baking mode does not use the broil element in your oven, preventing the tops of your food from burning or overcooking, so pies and turkey come out just right.

Convection Conversion
For anyone new to cooking with a convection oven, standard-bake times and temperatures can be automatically converted to their convection oven equivalents.

Convertible Exhaust Hood
Fits flush under a cabinet and slides out easily to vent cooking odors. When no longer needed, you can slide the hood back under the cabinet.

Convertible Ventilation System
With a convertible hood, cooking odors can be either vented outside or recirculated in the house.

Custom Broil
Allows you to set your preferred broiling temperature in 5-degree increments. For example, you can grill a steak under high heat to sear in the juices. For a grilled cheese sandwich, low heat will give you the best results.

Delay Bake
Allows you to program your oven to begin cooking at a pre-set time.

Downdraft Vent System
Pulls air downward and outside to help clear your kitchen of steam, smoke, and cooking odors. Built-in downdraft ventilation is a popular feature for high-end cooktops.

Dual and Triple Radiant Cooktop Elements
A single cooktop surface area that combines two or three heating elements. For small pots and pans, you can limit the heat to the inner ring. For larger cookware, you can use the wider outer rings to distribute heat more evenly.

EasyView™ Extra-Large Oven Window
Provides better visibility of the oven interior with an extra-large window. Allows you to monitor cooking progress without opening the oven door.

Energy Save Mode
Similar to the "sleep" mode on a computer, Energy Save turns off the electronic display on your range after 5 minutes of inactivity. Press any button to reactivate the display.

Full-Width, Cast-Iron Grates
Grates that cover the entire cooktop surface, allowing you to slide pots and pans anywhere you please. The smooth satin finish resists wear and tear. Dishwasher-safe.

Hidden Bake Element
With the bake element embedded in the oven floor, you're left with a smooth interior surface that is easy to wipe clean.

Hot Surface Indicator
Illuminates when the cooktop surface is still hot to the touch -- even after the heating element has been turned off.

Induction Technology
Ceramic electric cooktops with induction technology generate an electromagnetic current that produces heat when it interacts with iron-based cookware. With induction heating, only the cookware gets hot. The result is faster, more responsive cooking with less energy.

LP Convertible
Many Whirlpool gas ranges and ovens can be converted from natural gas to propane (liquefied petroleum gas) as a fuel source.

MaxWave™ Cooking System
With MaxWave, microwave energy is released from multiple points inside your microwave oven. Food is cooked evenly, eliminating cold centers or overdone edges.

Modular Cooktop
Allows you to customize the surface of your gas cooktop according to your needs by arranging modular gas burners, grills, and griddles.

Oven Hold Warm
Uses low heat to keep food warm inside your oven or microwave without overcooking.

Pop-Up Downdraft Vent
A pop-up (aka telescopic) downdraft vent hood rises above the cooktop surface when needed and then retracts when not in use.

Power™ Burners
Generate the high heat needed for rapid boiling, searing, grilling, and frying with burners that produce up to 18,000 BTUs.

Precise Clean™ Cleaning System
6th Sense™ technology tracks how long has passed since your oven's last self-clean cycle and suggests just the right cycle time for optimal cleaning. No harsh chemicals or cleaners are required.

Preheat Countdown Timer
Displays how long the oven will take to reach the desired baking temperature.

Recessed Cooktop
Creates a more aesthetically pleasing profile by lowering the level of the grates so they are even with your cooktop.

Sealed Burners
Sealed gas burners emit flames from below a protective cap rather than directly heating your cookware. The metal drip pan around the base of the burner is sealed, protecting it from food and grease.

SpillGuard™ Cooktop
Helps contain messes and makes cleanup easier with raised-edge design.

Staged Cooking
Allows you to program your microwave for multiple power levels and cooking times at once. Staged cooking is ideal for dishes, like frozen entrees, that require temperature changes during the cooking process.

SteamClean Option
Spot cleans the oven floor nine times faster than a traditional self-cleaning cycle while using only 1 1/4 cups of water. Used periodically to clean light spills, SteamClean reduces the need for frequent self-clean cycles.

TimeSavor™ Convection Cooking
A fan in the back of the oven distributes hot air more efficiently. Convection cooking accelerates roasting while sealing in flavor and produces more even, consistent cooking results.

TruCapture® Ventilation System
TruCapture removes cooktop smoke, steam and odors from the front two burners with a powerful 4-speed fan and unique, sloped design that vents out the top instead of the front of the unit.

Warm Zone Element
A low-powered fifth burner element on your cooktop that keeps food warm without burning.

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Adaptive Wash Cycle
Dual sensors insider your dishwasher determine the size of the load and the dirtiness of the dishes, then automatically select the appropriate cleaning level and cycle duration to save you time and water.

Auto Soil Sensor
Optimizes every dishwashing cycle for reliable cleaning results. The sensor measures soil in the wash water to determine how dirty your dishes are, then adjusts the dishwasher's cycle accordingly. The Auto Soil Sensor recalibrates the load after 250 cycles for maximum performance.

EZ-2-Lift™ Adjustable Upper Rack
Accommodates larger items in your dishwasher with an upper rack that adjusts two inches up or down.

Eco Cycle
The Eco Cycle uses the least amount of energy possible while still delivering exceptional dishwashing performance.

Fully Integrated Electronic Controls
Hidden controls embedded in the door are activated with a touch of a finger. The exterior appearance is sleek, and there's less chance of accidentally turning your dishwasher off or on.

NSF® Certified Sani Rinse Option
The Sani Rinse option eliminates 99.9 percent of food soil bacteria.

Power Clean™ Wash System
Power Clean uses five levels of dishwashing intensity to sweep food particles to a hard-food disposer and self-cleaning filter for exceptional cleaning performance.

PowerScour™ Option
Your dishwasher's 36 powerful targeted spray jets blast away baked-on food without soaking or scrubbing. You can simultaneously clean a wide variety of items, from casserole dishes to delicate glassware -- all without using extra water.

Quiet Partner™ Sound Packages
Reduces operational sounds emitted from your dishwasher with sound-absorbing materials.

Resource Saver™ Dishwasher
Cleans dishes using one-third less water and energy compared to dishwashers manufactured before 2000. Resource Saver dishwashers first thoroughly clean the upper rack and then concentrate on the lower rack, thereby reducing overall water and energy use.

SheerClean™ Direct Feed Wash System
SheerClean channels water up and out of the back and top of your dishwasher to powerfully clean from five different angles. Wash water stays clean, and the absence of a central tower means there's more space for dishes, pots, and pans.

Speed Wash Cycle
Conducts a full dishwasher cycle in just one hour -- less than half the time of other wash cycles.

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AccelerCare™ Drying System
Whirlpool's advanced clothes drying system senses how fast your laundry is drying, how hot the air should be, and when clothes are dry. AccelerCare automatically stops the dryer to save time and energy, as well as to prevent fabric damage and shrinking.

AccuDry™ Drying System
AccuDry measures the moisture content and temperature of the clothes in your dryer. The system automatically stops the dryer when your clothes are dry. Dryers with the AccuDry system use 10 percent less energy than dryers equipped with Whirlpool's AutoDry system (applies to electric dryers only).

AutoDry™ System
Automatically sense when clothes are dry and stops the cycle to save energy.

Enhanced Touch-Up Steam Cycle
With a combination of mist and heat, the steam cycle can be used to relax wrinkles and refresh clothes after a load of laundry has been dried.

Moisture Sensor Control
Measures the dampness of clothes as they tumble in your dryer. Sensors automatically turn off the cycle when clothes are dry.

Quiet Dry Noise Reduction Systems
Reduces operational sounds inside the dryer with sound-absorbing materials around the drum.

Wrinkle Shield™ Plus Option
Tumbles your clothes every five minutes after the dryer cycle is complete to help prevent wrinkles from setting in.

Direct water installation method that connects steam dryers to the washer inlet hose. With a Y-Connector, you can start a steam cycle without manually adding water.

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Accu-Chill™ Temperature Management System
Accu-Chill is based on Whirlpool's 6th Sense™ technology, which features built-in sensors in your refrigerator that measure the internal temperature. With Accu-Chill, your refrigerator's compressor runs only when necessary to conserve energy and reduce wear.

Automatic Defrost System
Automatic defrost relies on a timer, a limit switch and a heater to regularly melt away frost so you can avoid the trouble of manually defrosting your freezer periodically.

Clear Humidity Controlled Crisper
Helps preserve the freshness of your fruits and vegetables with controlled humidity levels in the clear, extra-deep crisper.

Clear Temperature Controlled Meat Pan
Helps preserve the freshness of your meat by allowing you to control how much cold air from the freezer enter the meat pan.

Fast Cool Option
Fast Cool quickly lowers your refrigerator's temperature at the push of a button. Select Fast Cool after filling your refrigerator with groceries to quickly cool fresh food. The Fast Freeze option applies the same quick temperature drop to your freezer.

French Door
A relatively new refrigerator configuration that features the freezer compartment on the bottom and two doors to the refrigerator compartment. The refrigerator doors open outward for easy access.

FreshFlow™ Air Filter
This smart air filter is up to 15 times more effective than baking soda in reducing food odors inside your refrigerator. The filter should be replaced every 6 months for optimal performance.

In-Door-Ice® Dispensing System
With the ice bin inside the freezer door, extra space is available on the top shelf. Store up to 8 more frozen pizzas. Also features a removable ice bucket.

Measured Fill
Your refrigerator water dispenser can give you the exact amount of filtered water you indicate in ounces, cups, or liters and shut off automatically when complete.

MicroEtch™ Spill Control Shelf
Microscopic etching helps prevent refrigerator leaks from spreading. The spill control feature allows shelves to be constructed without border framing, opening up more storage space inside your refrigerator and facilitating cleanup.

PUR® Water Filtration System
Reduces contaminants from household water, giving you filtered water from your refrigerator for up to 6 months. Filters are easy to reach and replace.

Resource Saver™ Refrigerator
Refrigerators that earn a CEE Tier 3 rating, exceeding federal standards by at least 30 percent and using less energy than a 60-watt light bulb.

SpillGuard™ Glass Shelf
Helps contain spills and simplifies cleanup, preventing liquids from dripping onto shelves below.

Tap Touch Controls
Allows you to set your refrigerator functions with the tap of a finger. The sleek, modern interface enhances your refrigerator's appearance.

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Adaptive Wash Cycle
Adaptive wash actions adjust to the specific cleaning needs of each load of laundry, providing a combination of powerful cleaning and gentle fabric care for everything from heavily soiled jeans to delicate silks.

Add-A-Garment Indicator Light
A reminder that you can open your washer and add clothes for the first 8 minutes of the wash cycle and be assured that they'll still receive the same effective cleaning.

Advanced Vibration Control™
Gap dampers, springs, and advanced software work together to adjust the distribution of your wash load and to minimize the movement of the wash drum during the spin cycle, reducing vibration and noise.

Auto Load Sensing System
Automatically determines the correct water level for the load size in your washer.

Care Control Temperature Management
With Care Control, water temperatures are regulated to ensure that they are warm enough to dissolve detergents but not so hot as to contribute to shrinkage and color bleeding.

Clean Boost Deep Clean
Washing options that penetrate deep into fabric fibers, breaking down and dissolving stains without pre-treating.

Clean Washer Cycle
A deep-fill wash cycle designed to clean all areas of a low-water washer, including those areas typically untouched by water. A cup of bleach, or for a deeper clean a packet of Affresh® Washer Cleaner, is all that's needed.

Deep Clean Wash System
Combines two powerful technologies for optimal washing results. An anti-escape valve ensures the maximum concentration of detergent is used to wash your clothes, while Care Control temperature management keeps the wash water warm enough for detergent enzymes to work effectively.

Delay Wash
Allows you to set your washer to begin operating up to 18 hours later. With Delay Wash, you can take advantage of off-peak utility rates.

Direct Inject Wash System
Penetrates stains and pre-treats soils with a concentrated burst of detergent. The wash cycle begins after the entire load has been treated.

Eco Boost™ Option
Washes with a lower water temperature and increases spin speed to provide both excellent cleaning and reduced energy use.

Eco Monitor
Calculates how the cycles and options you choose will affect your overall energy use for your washer and dryer.

Fabric Sense™ Wash System
Fabric Sense uses sensors to set the optimal wash temperature, cycle time, and agitation speed for cleaning your laundry.

FanFresh™ Option
Keep your damp clothes fresh inside your washer for up to ten hours with Dynamic Venting Technology™. This feature circulates air in the washer after the cycle ends, allowing you to wash now and dry later.

Front Load
Washers in which the door is located in the front of the unit rather than the top. Front load washers generally use less energy and water than their top load counterparts.

NSF® Certified Cycles
Eliminates 99.9 percent of certain household bacteria. The sanitary cycle on select washers uses an internal heater to bring water to a temperature hot enough to sanitize without bleach.

NightQuiet™ Option
With this option set, your washer will operate on a lower spin speed and run quieter.

Precision Dispense (Plus)
Penetrates strains and pre-treats soils with a concentrated burst of detergent. The wash cycle begins only after the entire load has been treated. Precision Dispense Plus adds the ability to release oxygenated additives for better cleaning performance.

Quick Wash Cycle
Cleans small, lightly soiled laundry loads in less time. In addition, increased spin speeds extract more water to reduce the drying time.

Quiet Wash Noise Reduction Systems
Reduces operational sounds inside the washer with sound-absorbing materials around the wash drum. Quiet Spin Technology's unique suspension system also helps reduce vibration noise.

Smooth Spin™ Technology
Minimizes movement of the wash drum during spin cycles. The reduction in vibration makes possible the placement of a washer on an upper floor.

Stainless Steel Wash Drum
Resists odors, rust, and chipping. The smooth surface helps protect delicate fabrics from snagging during washing.

Steam Technology
Breaks down and dissolves tough stains without pretreating for naturally cleaner clothes.

Triple Spray Technology
Automatically determines the correct water level for the load size in the washer. Triple Spray evenly sprays clean water on the laundry for a thorough, consistent rinse cycle.

TumbleFresh™ Option
Activates after the wash cycle is completed and periodically gives the laundry load a slow spin to help prevent wrinkles from setting in before drying.